Get a Library Card

How To Apply for A Library Card

To get a library card, you must live in the town of Haverstraw and be in the North Rockland School District (NRCSD). A library card is free for new applicants. The replacement cost for a lost library card is $2.00.

To apply in person, bring proof of your address and valid photo identification such as a driver’s license or passport. You will receive your library card on the same day.

To apply online, click here.

Library Card FAQ

Those without photo ID are eligible for a limited access card.

Borrowing privileges are limited to the holdings of the Haverstraw King’s Daughters Public Library. A limited access card does not provide access to items belonging to other libraries in the RCLS district.

You must show proof of residence consisting of 2 pieces of mail, one of which must be a credit card statement, retail store bill, or utility bill sent to you within the past 3 months via the U.S. Postal Service showing an address within the library district, or provide a notarized proof of residency form. Your card will be mailed to you.

Children five years or older, accompanied by a parent or guardian, may sign up for a library card. The parent or guardian must supply photo ID. The parent or guardian accepts full responsibility for all fines and damaged/lost items charged against a minor child’s account.